I love beets and have been eating more, but I worry about the sugar content, there’s no mention of that here.

That's Natural!

Beets in Strainer

By: Tisha Casida

Beets are powerhouses of nutrients.  There is no question that you would probably want to consider incorporating beets into your diet.  They have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying properties that are essential to building a healthy body and brain.  The concentration of betalains (what gives beets their dark red color) in beets is unique.  Betalains are ‘dietary cationized antioxidants’ – antioxidants are essential to stopping oxidative processes that are associated with many degenerative diseases.  There is no question – you can’t beat beets.

Steaming your roots?  The difference between 15 and 25 minutes can have repercussions on the betalain count.  Be kind to your beets – although they look like a hardy root, they should be handled with love, and cooked minimally to maintain the nutrients packed into them.

Running list of Beet Nutrition Facts

Preventing Cancer:  Beet juice has been proven to slow down…

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