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Happy New Year: with no and low salt treats

Low-salt chips and low-salt salsa are available. Fat-free cookies also can be found, under either the SnackWell brand or some private label equivalents like Kroger’s. Continue reading

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“Dear God, feed me with Ratatouille, please. Amen.” Your belly

Originally posted on Don't dig your grave with your own knife and fork:
“If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff.” I am sure that most of you remember these wise words…

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No salt, no fat foods: we’re here to write about them

The progress of this blog in being discovered has been heartening for me. Daily average visits have increased tenfold since I started it. Traffic has improved monthly. Continue reading

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No salt, no sugar, no fat: read our Top 5 posts of 2013

Everyone wants to know if they can eat healthy at Universal. My answer: no, at least not at the Florida location I was dragged to late last year. I lost four pounds in four days because of the lack of healthy alternatives. Continue reading

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Blackberry: expect to be seeing the flavor more places in 2014

Blackberry will be the hot flavor next year, predicts flavor company Firmenich. Continue reading

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Sugar or Fat? Which turns you on more?

The study gave 100 high school students milk shakes that were either high in sugar and low in fat or low in sugar and high in fat. Each type had the same calorie content. The sugar-laden shakes lit up pleasure centers in the brain more effectively than the fat ones. Continue reading

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Christmas dinner dressing: here’s a low fat, low sodium variety

his recipe comes from theFood Network site but I’ve modified it to cut the salt even further. The original recipe has 206 mgs of sodium per one-cup serving. Continue reading

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Glenview House: a long-time favorite offers a low-salt treat

Glenview House presented me with a fun third option, scallops on a bed of beet orgasmic rice risotto. This was a bit of a splurge for me since I’m not supposed to eat white rice, only brown. I also was a bit worried about salt in the risotto, so asked the waiter that it be cooked without any added salt, which he gladly said was possible. Continue reading

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PortionMate: be your own lord of the portion rings

I asked for and received a review version of it, basically a set of BPA-free plastic rings sized to be portions of various foods such as fruits, meat and cereals. Continue reading

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Holiday Treats Give-away: enter now and enjoy

Amanda, in a recent post, discussed five of her favorite holiday treats from Chicago area shops that range from cookies to chocolates to toffee. And she’s giving away a one pound holiday mix from Terry’s Toffee. Continue reading

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