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A year of no salt, no sugar, no fat recipes just for you

We’re getting more than 5,000 views a month this year, on average, and January was an all-time record month for us, so thank you, thank you, thank you. And keep coming back for more, we’ll be searching out and modifying recipes to get out the salt, fat and sugar this year as well, continuing our mission to improve how people eat. Continue reading

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Soda tax cuts purchases, health impact harder to discern

Those who blame sugary beverages for America’s obesity problems have often advocated for a tax on such items to cut consumption. Philadelphia enacted such a tax in January and signs are it has definitely cut purchases of sugary soda in the … Continue reading

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Ready for some 2017 food advice? Here’s what Cooking Light says

If you’re after no salt, no sugar recipes, check my recipe page first, I tried all those and in many cases modified other people’s recipes to take out the salt, fat and sugar. I’ll be adding more recipes there shortly, so check back daily. Continue reading

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Think you’re eating healthy? Think again

Read every label and don’t buy foods, whether at a supermarket or restaurant, if you can’t see nutrition information. Continue reading

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Why my new way of eating means an all-or-nothing approach

I really tire of people telling me I can “cheat” on my low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet once in a while without any consequences. Doing that last year caused me to gain back 15 pounds I’d lost over the past three … Continue reading

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The UK has a sugar tax coming, will there be one in the US too?

Such taxes have been discussed in various cities in the US, but only Berkeley, Calif, has passed one and it did that just last year so its impact on health is still uncertain. Continue reading

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New nutritional guidelines not tough enough on salt, target sugar instead

I aim for the 1,500 mg figure and so have changed my shopping and eating habits entirely in the past three years to get the salt out, finding low-salt ketchup, barbecue sauce, salsa and even low-salt olives. Continue reading

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Sugar or salt, which is harder to kick?

Sugar set me back big-time in 2015 in my efforts to maintain a lower weight to reduce my chances of heart problems going forward. More on that in a future post. Continue reading

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Need to quit sugar? Here’s why and how to do it

Editor’s note: This is a guest post with sponsored links. I’ve been doing this blog for three years and have now begun accepting paid guest posts such as this one. I’d love your feedback on it, did it provide you useful information? Continue reading

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Salt or sugar — pick your poison

The salt you add to food is generally only a small part of your overall salt consumption every day, especially if you’re eating a lot of processed foods or dining at restaurants for a majority of your meals. Continue reading

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