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Costco Food Court Salads: you can make them healthier

After my usual Thursday night Costco shopping run, I normally have only a frozen fat-free yogurt and a Costco food court salad — with some major alterations to what otherwise could be a very unhealthy salad choice. Continue reading

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Seasons 52 offers a low sodium menu…bravo!

Checking the menu online before we went, I found only one low-sodium entrée option, which was disappointing tome. But when we arrived and I asked the waitress about low-sodium options, she said the restaurant has a low-sodium menu! This was the first I’ve encountered. Continue reading

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27 Live, a new Evanston spot worth checking out

As always before I dine out these days, I first checked 27Live’s menu online to see if anything seemed remotely low-sodium and low-fat so I could eat it. I saw a fish dish and a vegetarian option, both of which I thought might be able to fit my needs. Continue reading

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Fat free chocolate pudding or sugar free: which should you pick?

Oddly enough, there are fat-free chocolate puddings and sugar-free chocolate puddings but no fat-free, sugar-free varieties that I can find. So if I want chocolate pudding these days, it becomes a matter of which do I fear more, eating a lot of sugar or a lot fat? Continue reading

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Sesame Cabbage Rolls

I would substitute Mrs. Dash sodium free teriyaki marinade for the soy dressing and sodium-free chicken broth (which I’ll be blogging about soon) for the low-sodium broth to get the salt out. Also be sure to get the leanest white … Continue reading

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Healthy new food products? I’d think again

Don’t be fooled by health claims, look at salt, fat and sugar content before buying any new food product. Continue reading

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How much salt is too much? Here’s a simple guide

My rule to to try to stay under 1,200 mgs a day since I assume measurements on packaged products or for restaurant nutrition menus can be off a bit. That translates into 400 mgs a meal. That’s for a meal, not a single part of a meal Continue reading

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What is ‘healthy’ food?

Well put, I’ve written many times that you shouldn’t be fooled by claims of ‘healthy’ on products.

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Salt in Lean Cuisine: there’s too much for me

Even 600 mgs of salt in one meal is too much for me. Having that in three meals a day would put me at 1,800 mgs, over my nutritionist recommended level of 1,500 mgs and well over the 1,200 mgs I’m trying to maintain to account for measurement errors. Continue reading

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The Grant Loaf – can the salt be left out?

[object HTMLTextAreaElement] via The Grant Loaf – can the salt be left out?.

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