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Thanksgiving low-salt, low-fat food shopping — last-minute tips

You’ll likely go over your sodium, fat and sugar targets for Thanksgiving, but all these steps will help you minimize the damage and still let you enjoy the day. Continue reading

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Low-salt thanksgiving sides — modify these recipes

Former Biggest Loser trainer Jillian Michaels often posts recipes, some I like, some I modify to make them lower in salt and fat. Here are two she posted recently for Thanksgiving that I would tweak a  bit to cut the salt … Continue reading

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A low-salt, low-fat Thanksgiving dinner — start your planning today

It takes a little smart shopping and a lot of recipe tweaking, but you can do it and I can show you how. Continue reading

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Kroger buying Roundy’s — how the big food boys play

Rather than try to copy the Mariano’s concept, Kroger is simply buying it. That’s what big companies do. Continue reading

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Sugar is in the health crosshairs again

Getting down to that 50-gram level means dropping frozen yogurt, any regular yogurt that isn’t low-sugar or artificially sweetened, and no more nibbling on treats like mini-Tootsie rolls. Continue reading

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Mayo Clinic offers ‘heart healthy’ recipes

The Mayo Clinic has a so-called heart healthy recipe page that can give you some new cooking ideas. I say so-called, because I question some of the ingredients in some of these recipes, wondering about things like baking powder which … Continue reading

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