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Let’s stop the sea salt nonsense

Well said Fred, well said. Check my eating out page for ways to find restaurant dishes with a minimum of salt and my recipes page for recipes I’ve found or created that ahve little to no salt. Continue reading

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Here’s what to do with the salt you’re not eating

Cutting salt from your diet is a major part of what this blog is all about. Since trimming my salt intake after a 2012 angioplasty I’ve lost weight and gotten my blood pressure down. But we still have salt in … Continue reading

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Greener food, local and natural all pop up in Euromonitor’s food trends

The year is still young enough to look at food trend predictions for 2016. Euromonitor, an international research firm, came out with its top trends for this year and included a food section. It’s expecting to see what it terms … Continue reading

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Activity-based food labeling? Wow what a concept

I recently came across a fascinating concept out of England regarding labels — putting icons on labels to show how much of a given activity, say running, you’d need to do to burn off the calories in a given food item you buy. Continue reading

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Why fresh vegetables aren’t on sale at supermarkets

Supermarket ad flyers feature what the industry calls loss-leaders, items a supermarket is marking down to draw you into the store so you’ll buy processed foods with higher mark-ups. Vegetables used to be among these loss-leaders but I’ve been noticing … Continue reading

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My Diet is Better than Yours: episode update and review

It does bring up a good point though — each of our bodies is unique and what works for one person often does not work for another. Continue reading

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The winning recipe for Battle Eggplant at the Frank house

“I was thinking of baba ganoush but, since there was no tahini, we made a different sort of eggplant dip. Less creamy, same overall idea,” she writes. Continue reading

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From the Ground Up North, a site for foodies to bookmark

If you listen long enough, you’ll hear me calling in with a question. I lost the line and had to call in again, which is why at one point they’re talking to me and I’m not responding. Continue reading

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An original eggplant recipe from the Frank family, next generation

Both teams dived in and created two amazing dishes. My daughter’s eggplant dip was judged the winner, mainly because my father-in-law didn’t like having the skin of the eggplant still on the dish my son and daughter-in-law made. I enjoyed both dishes and ate both that day. Continue reading

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My Diet is Better than Yours: worth a look

I like some of the features of this show better than Biggest Loser. The new show has people living in their homes trying to change their everyday lives. Continue reading

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