My Diet is Better than Yours: episode update and review

I blogged recently about the new ABC show, My Diet is Better than Yours. I’m not sure I’ll write about it every week, but thought enough happened last week to write about it again here.

A second so-called fitness/diet expert got booted by the person she was trying to train. The cLean Momma Diet is history for this season, it seems, and the advocate of it got a bit testy when she got the boot, blaming her contestant for not following the plan. Really, sour grapes? Bad form, I’d say.

The No diet Plan is , so far, my favorite, but it does have a diet component, drop the processed foods and eat more fruits and veggies -- not exactly rocket science but something most people have trouble doing.
The No diet Plan is , so far, my favorite, but it does have a diet component, drop the processed foods and eat more fruits and veggies — not exactly rocket science but something most people have trouble doing.

It does bring up a good point though — each of our bodies is unique and what works for one person often does not work for another. 

That’s why I’m suspect of anyone trying to promote their plan or their so-called diet secret. Watch the show long enough and you’ll see there really is no secret. Every trainer, whatever their special plan, is basically saying eat more vegetables, eat less processed food, exercise more and get your life in order mentally as well.

That’s perhaps why I like the so-called No Diet Plan best, because it does talk about your state of mind more, while telling the person trying it to eat healthier and get more sleep. We are a sleep-deprived nation, and that impacts how we eat and how are bodies deal with what we eat.

For the last decade or so of my daily work life, I was getting no more than five or six hours sleep a night in order to keep up with my hectic routine. I know that impacted my health. Now that I’ve retired from full-time work to do freelance writing, this blog and acting, I’ve found that to feel truly rested, I need 10 hours of sleep a night.

Remember, you are not me, I’m going to be 63 this year and had heart surgery in 2012, so my body’s sleep needs likely are different from yours. I only mention this to make the point about how sleep-deprived we can make ourselves and not realize what we are doing to our bodies in the process.

I received a tweet from the contestant who is on the No Diet Plan, thanks for finding me, all the best to you and all the contestants.

Another interesting point, two of the three women on the show (out of five contestants) have now dropped their trainer for a new program. Coincidence, lack of patiences showing more from women than the men, did the men simply know themselves better going in and so pick more appropriate plans for themselves?

What do you think?



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