What Can You Eat on a No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat Diet?

In recent months, I’ve slowly been building new menus to reflect my new restricted diet, trying to avoid salt, fats and sugar. My wife has been great in shopping with me, reading every label and finding the hidden sugar and salt bombs in most processed foods that I simply can’t eat any longer

A low salt product we found on a recent shopping trip.
A low salt product we found on a recent shopping trip.

[March 1, 2014: check out our expanded recipe page. We’ve added 10 new low salt, low sugar, low fat recipes, some with illustrated step-by-step guides to making them.]

A recent trip took us to Costco and Trader Joe’s and we bought frozen ahi tuna at Trader Joes, fat-free feta cheese and fat-free yogurt, several pounds of fresh green beans at Costco (I ate at least half a pound of these one night), low sodium chicken stock at TJ’s, salt-free canned tomatoes.

The list goes on but you get the idea. You can hunt down decent foods, it’s a job but it can be done.

Since I wrote this post, I’ve been busy looking for more things you can eat. Check my new ingredients page and my eating out page as well as my recipe page.

Another addition here, I’ve been working very hard this year to find sodium-free Thanksgiving dishes. Read about finding the lowest salt turkey, how to make low-salt dressing, and how to find other sources of low-salt recipes. I also have done posts on low-salt olives and on chestnuts, a traditional Thanksgiving treat in my family. Enjoy.

Looking for Super Bowl dishes and snacks? Check the post I did last year on salt-free chips plus another from this year. For a main course, check this stuffed shells recipe from a Christmas posting, they’re low-fat and low-salt.


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  1. What Can You Eat on a No Salt, No Sugar, No Fat Diet? it does not say…and its NO salt NO sugar NO fat and you have all LOW FAT SUGAR SALT so which is it ..?it does not tell you what to eat on this …you need to redo your info cause it is false

    1. HI, I appreciate the frustration you must be having in finding salt-free, fat-free, sugar-free foods to eat. And I apologize for using those terms, my thought is that I am finding the lowest salt, lowest fat and lowest sugar alternatives out there, both in my grocery shopping and restaurant dining, and sharing that with everyone. We all need some of each of those three troublesome things, the problem is everything we buy has too much of them. That said, I’ll work harder to separate out truly salt-free, fat-free and sugar-free dishes on my recipe page, some veggie only options would fit that, although not much else would I’m afraid. I doubt any restaurant meal would, but I’ll review what I have and see. I wish you well in your quest for such items, I know how difficult it all can be.

      1. It’s more than just that. One has to be willing to cook more and stop using convenience foods. You cannot get totally free of all of this. You will have a low intake but carbs are important. You do need some but they turn into sugar in the body so you have to refrain from having pasta and things like that very often. Berries, especially blue berries are a good option food wise but what I have found out is that no two dieticians or doctors agree on what foods are best. Your best bet if you must eat out is to find a vegetarian place or vegan. I was in a health food market and they couldn’t tell me how much salt was in a few things. Salmon is most often recommended and talapia some of the times pro and con for various reasons. Some say no pork or beef but really it is lean cuts and with pork…the loin. I don’t eat much of either of them. It is costly to go down this road. I just found Greek Yoghurt that is called Zero. Some of the major food suppliers are getting the picture and are offering more for people who are on restricted or are wanting more healthful choices. I buy mostly organic. One cannot go no salt at all or you will end up like one of my clients having to take salt pills when older. I don’t add it because I was never into salt my whole life but if you eat processed food you get it anyway. Try Stevia for sweetening and watch out for too much caffeine. Dark chocolate in very small amounts a few times a week at least 72 percent cacao is good for you too. The funny thing with dairy is the less fat has the most milk sugar in it. I’m using Almond milk and I sometimes drink coconut water. I have some coconut milk too but the Almond is a better choice. There is cashew milk too but it has more fat in it. Avacados are OK despite what some say. They are really good for you and unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar.. I could go on and on because I have done a lot of research but good luck. Just beware of blogs because they aren’t all created equal in reliable content. Some of this depends on what the reason is behind this type of eating. If it is for more than just a healthy diet then the food you will eat may vary.

  2. Any chance you have a shopping list? I am a diabetic and recently found out I have Ménière’s disease so I truly need no salt no sugar and no fat. Having a hard time figuring out what I can eat. 😊

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