How much fat and salt is in McDonald’s new sirloin burger?

McDonald’s has a major advertising blitz going on for its new third-pound sirloin burger. Emphasizing the use of sirloin positions the burger as better somehow, at least that’s what McDonald’s must be hoping.

McDonald's third-pound sirloin burger has too much salt and fat for me to eat it.
McDonald’s third-pound sirloin burger has too much salt and fat for me to eat it.

But a quick check of its nutrition information on the McDonald’s website shows it’s not something anyone worried about salt and fat intake can eat, unfortunately.

I say unfortunately because I miss hamburgers dearly. The ones I eat now I make at home with either 96% lean ground beef or ground white-meat turkey and they’re just not the same because fat tastes good and so fattier beef tastes better than lean beef.

I was really hoping this new McDonald’s offering used leaner beef, but McDonald’s tried that years ago with its McLean Deluxe and failed, so I’m sure corporate think there is not to try lean again.

The third-pound sirloin burger has 1,590 mgs of sodium, basically a day’s supply for me or anyone who has had heart issues or is in their senior years. As far as fat goes, it has 39 grams of fat, again basically a day’s supply for me since I have a target of no more than 40 grams of fat a day.

It also has 16 grams of saturated fat, over my 10-gram daily limit. Saturated fat is thought to be the worst kind these days. The item also has 750 calories, so about a third of a daily 2,000-calorie diet. That fo course doesn’t count the inevitable fries that would go with it.

I miss eating at McDonald’s, the only thing I get there now is salad, and I bring my own oil and vinegar rather than use its high-salt dressings. Help me out Ronald, come up with some low-salt, low-fat choices.


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