Pandemic ground beef recall: check that chopped meat in your freezer

As if food shopping during the pandemic hasn’t been difficult enough, now there’s a nearly 43,000-pound ground beef recall to cope with.

A processor named Lakeside Refrigerated Services, Swedesboro, New Jersey, produced the beef June 1. The possible presence of E coil is the culprit prompting the recall.

The meat is sold under the Marketside Butcher and Thomas Farms brands and was sent to roughly 700 Walmart and other retailers nationwide.

States where Marketside Butcher Organic Grass-Fed Ground Beef is likely to turn up include Alabama, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Vermont, and Puerto Rico.

The recall is a reminder than even organic items can get contaminated, depending on where they are processed and packaged for sale.

Gaga for grass-fed beef? You may want to think again

Food processors spend a lot of money keeping their fingers on the pulse of the buying public and responding when they discern a trend in what consumers want. Unfortunately what they respond with often is not what consumers had hoped to get, or even what they think they are getting.

Is that grass-fed beef? We may never know.
Is that grass-fed beef? We may never know.

Yes, the Department of Agriculture does have a definition for what can be considered organic food, but beyond that when you start talking about products calling themselves natural, genuine, local, or other buzz=terms consumers want, it all gets very, very cloudy. Continue reading “Gaga for grass-fed beef? You may want to think again”

Target is carrying 93% lean ground beef

Lean beef is the only kind I eat on my post-angioplasty diet these days. I’ve mentioned how I found 96% lean ground beef at a supermarket chain here in Chicago, Jewel. That remains the leanest ground beef I’ve seen in a supermarket.

This recent Target add included 93% lean ground beef.
This recent Target add included 93% lean ground beef.
Target 93% lean ground beef
Target 93% lean ground beef

But a recent ad for Target’s food selection included 93% lean ground beef. While not as lean as what I buy, it can be a good choice if you can’t find the 96% lean. With most places selling either 85% or at most 90%, this 93% lean ground beef stands out as a good choice if you have a Target with a major food section nearby. Continue reading “Target is carrying 93% lean ground beef”

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