Watermelon and berries pizza, a fun dessert

I had written a post for Pi Day this year about a non-traditional type of pie, a pizza made with watermelon as the base and covered with berries and other fruits. It looked good enough in a picture a friend posted on Facebook, that I decided to give it a try when we were having guests for dinner recently.

I started with personal-sized watermelons, because they happened to be on sale at my local supermarket. A round cross-slice of one also fit nicely on the dessert plates we have, so it worked out nicely. It I had bought a regular watermelon, I would have needed dinner plates and that large a piece of watermelon might have seemed over-whelming to some after a big dinner.

Or just serve it for summer cookouts, watermelon slices covered with other fruits.
The photo a friend posted of a watermelon pizza.
My version of a watermelon pizza.
My version of a watermelon pizza.










I also let sales guide my decision on what to top my watermelon with. Strawberries happened to be on sale that week as well, at a different store, as were raspberries and blueberries. It’s rare to find all these on sale at the same time, at least in our area, but I could have easily used other fruits. I thought about pieces of apple but decided they might be too hard compared with the other fruits, so passed them up. I could have sliced bananas to get something white on there to approximate cheese. The original had used shaved white chocolate. Continue reading “Watermelon and berries pizza, a fun dessert”

A refreshing fruit and yogurt dessert

Desserts are difficult to come up with if you’re on a low-salt, low-sugar, low-fat diet since one of those evil three, and more often all three, are in the most sumptuous cakes, pastries and other desserts.

I’ve taken to serving fruit or low-fat frozen yogurt for dessert. Recently I came across a dessert offering than combines those in a great presentation.

Fruit Skewers with yogurt dip could be a refreshing dessert.
Fruit Skewers with yogurt dip could be a refreshing dessert.

Check this recipe for fruit sewers with yogurt dip that I found on the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute site, of all places.

It uses strawberries, pineapples, orange slices and blackberries on skewers and calls for creating a yogurt dip from fat-free yogurt, crushed strawberries, vanilla and honey.

I’d question the need for honey, especially for those watching sugar content, I think the yogurt would stand on its own taste-wise, but I’m planning to try this soon and will post an update then.

The recipe calls it an appetizer, I’d add a few more skewers per guest (bringing the per person total to perhaps four or five) to make it a full-fledged dessert.

If you try it first, let me know how it turned out.


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