Zevia asks: why not try again? Ok, I will

I posted recently about trying Zevia, a Stevia-sweetened soda; I had specifically tried its cream soda variety. That post brought me a note from Zevia asking if I wanted to try some of its other flavors.

Good form, Zevia. I was less than totally sold on the flavor of the cream soda. But rather than send me an angry note, Zevia basically said ‘try some of our other flavors and see what you think of those.’ Fair enough, I will and thank you for the offer.

Zevia asked me to try it again, so I will. Thanks.
Zevia asked me to try it again, so I will. Thanks.

And I already feel good about the company for handling this in such a positive way.

No guarantees of course on how I’ll review the other flavors but again I appreciate the offer.

Will post again when I’ve tried them.

Naturally sweeten soda: what is that anyway?

Diet soda was a mainstay of my pre-angioplasty life, giving me daily hits of sweetness with no calories and I thought no harm. It comes in for much derision these days and is off my diet now except for once or twice a week, my now special treats.

But let’s face it, water, which I now drink a lot, is boring and tasteless. So I keep searching for low-calorie diet alternatives.

A recent trip to Whole Foods brought one to my attention, something called Honest Fizz naturally sweetened zero calorie soda (made by a unit of Coke of all places). Twelve-ounce cans were on sale for four for $5, or $1.25 a can. Not cheap, but the hope they would be tasty caused me to buy some of the root beer and lemon lime varieties.

Honest Fizz soda tasted good, how do you feel about stevia?
Honest Fizz soda tasted good, how do you feel about stevia?
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Diet soda and eating more: more sad news

I once used diet soda as a substitute for all the sweet, creamy treats I couldn’t have. These days, I’ve cut down on diet soda along with everything else as I redo my eating and drinking habits since having an angioplasty done 18 months ago. But twice a week, I still allow myself a diet beverage.

So I was sad to read this Reuters article about a new study saying people who drink diet beverages tend to consume more calories. Sad, but not really surprised, since I think people regularly assume if they have diet products, they can eat more than they otherwise would and still be ok.

My Super Big Gulp days are over when it comes to diet soda, but I miss it.
My Super Big Gulp days are over when it comes to diet soda, but I miss it.

“People who were overweight or obese generally consumed the same amount of calories a day no matter what they drank, but those who chose diet drinks got more of those calories from food,” the article notes.
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