Yogurt toast revisited — tried it, loved it

Yogurt toast was the subject of a recent blog post of mine after I saw it written about in Bon Appetit. It looked and sounded tasty so I vowed to try it.

Yogurt toast with Yoplait Greek 100 Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt.
Yogurt toast with Yoplait Greek 100 Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt.

I have tried it and I loved it. Rather than regular bread, I used Thomas’ multigrain English muffins which are lower in salt and carbs than plain bread. I tried it with two different fat-free Greek yogurts I buy. One comes from Yoplait and is flavored to resemble Boston Cream pie, a long-time favorite I can’t eat on my low-fat diet. Slathering it on a toasted English muffin gave the whole dish a cakey taste, it was almost like having cake again!

Yogurt toast with Dannon Greek light raspberry chocolate yogurt.
Yogurt toast with Dannon Greek light raspberry chocolate yogurt.

I also tried a raspberry chocolate Greek Yogurt from Dannon, a fat-free, low-sugar variety in this case. It also was very tasty. The Greek yogurts, because they’re heavier than regular yogurt, add some heft to the muffin. And one yogurt container could easily cover two muffins if necessary.

I’ll be eating this morning treat again.

Healthy new food products? I’d think again

Which new food products were the hottest sellers of 2013? Interestingly enough, products that offered some health benefit topped an annual list put together by Information Resources, Inc., a firm that tracks supermarket checkout data.

Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt was the top selling new food product of 2013.
Dannon Light & Fit Greek yogurt was the top selling new food product of 2013.

“Among food and beverages launches, seven of the top 10, and 73 of the top 100, as ranked by total first-year dollar sales across grocery, drug and mass retail formats, offer a “healthier for you” benefit,” reported Marketing Daily in detailing IRI’s results.

The Top 10 list includes:
1. Dannon Light & Fit Greek — $144.9 million in year-one sales
2. Yoplait Greek 100 — $135.1 million
3. Kellogg’s Special K Pastry Crisps — $100.6 million
4. Tostitos Cantina Tortilla Chips — $100.3 million
5. Bud Light Lime Lime-A-Rita — $97.4 million
6. Müller Yogurt — $95.8 million
7. Eight O’Clock K-Cups — $89.8 million
8. Pepsi Next — $83.2 million
9. Kellogg’s Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches — $77.9 million
10. Atkins Frozen Meals — $74 million

So how healthy are these? Many yogurts have too much sugar. Anything more than 10 grams is too much. The top two here are light varieties, which means they have less sugar but you have to ask yourself how you feel about whatever sweetener is put in them instead.

Cereals and chips generally have too much salt and can be loaded with fat as well depending on the product, check all nutrition labels, always.

Frozen meals generally have too much salt. Pepsi Next is a lower calorie cola which again raises the issue of how you feel about the sweeteners used to get the calories out of the drink.

All in all, not a very healthy list. Don’t be fooled by health claims, look at salt, fat and sugar content before buying any new food product.

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