Thanksgiving low-salt, low-fat food shopping — last-minute tips

You’ll likely go over your sodium, fat and sugar targets for Thanksgiving, but all these steps will help you minimize the damage and still let you enjoy the day.

Thanksgiving is almost here, if you’re still shopping for your home-cooked menu ¬†ingredients, I wish you all the luck in the world. Here are some quick tips for a happy low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar Thanksgiving¬†meal.

Beware turkeys like this one that are self-basting. They're loaded with salt.
Beware turkeys like this one that are self-basting. They’re loaded with salt.
  • Buy a fresh turkey. At this point, you won’t have time to defrost a frozen one anyway and who needs all the salt in those frozen, self-basting ones. Check the nutrition label, please, please, please, for sodium. A fresh turkey will have 70 mgs of sodium a serving, frozen and ones with basting liquids in them can have five times that much!!!! Costco had fresh turkey for 99 cents a pound this year, 10 cents a pound cheaper than last. Other stores in my area had fresh turkey for anywhere from $2,48 to $3.99 a pound.
  • Buy low-sodium or no-sodium chicken stock to inject into your turkey. Again, read the nutrition label before buying any so-called low-sodium stock. The lowest sodium brand I’ve found is called Pacific organic low-sodium free range chicken stock. It has only 70 mgs a serving too, while other so-called low- and even no-sodium varieties have 140 mgs or more.
  • If you must mash potatoes, try sweet or red potatoes and use skim milk and a low-fat butter alternative. Guests can always add real butter and salt at the table if they like. The potato varieties will mean less of a sugar load in your system eventually as well.
  • Use salt-free whole wheat bread for any bread stuffing. I buy a Trader Joe’s store brand variety, but there also is a salt-free Ezekiel whole wheat bread you can buy.

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