Paleo Diet: heard of it? Don’t give it a second thought

The Paleo Diet has surfaced in our constant quest to find magic bullets for how we eat in America. It basically advocates going back to the type of diet are far distant ancestors ate while they were hunting and gathering.

It’s always sounded a bit wacky to me and U.S> News seems to agree with me in its latest rankings of various diet plans.

Feeling like a caveman? Better not to eat like one.
Feeling like a caveman? Better not to eat like one.

“The Paleo diet also doesn’t show any significant evidence to prove its role to prevent heart disease and its favorable role in the weight-loss. This is just a few reasons why the Paleo diet ranked last on the best diets list,” one report notes. Continue reading “Paleo Diet: heard of it? Don’t give it a second thought”

Multivitamins: another miracle cure gone astray

Multivitamins for years have been marketed, and widely accepted, as taking care of a host of ills. Take a bunch fo vitamins in pill form instead of in the foods you eat and you’ll be in great shape, was the pitch, more ro less.

And many people went for it. Even I admit to taking multivitamin that describes itself as being for mature people. That means it’s for old guys like me who are falling apart and hoping a multivitamin can put us back together again.

Well, just before Christmas, the myth of the multivitamin took a major hit when reports surfaced of a study saying they don’t really do all that much for us after all.

Americans' search for a magic pill goes on.
Americans’ search for a magic pill goes on.
Continue reading “Multivitamins: another miracle cure gone astray”

How Will Having Angioplasty Change What I Eat?

Having angioplasty August 13, 2012, has completely changed what I eat. It has made me a man on a restricted diet, cutting out fat, salt and sugar whenever possible. And it also has greatly changed me. In the four months since the surgery, I’ve lost 23 pounds and now weigh roughly 193 pounds.

In recent years, I’ve cut out or cut back on many of my favorite foods. Pizza and Chinese food, for example, which I once ate weekly, are now a rarity for me. The same can be said for one-pound T-bone steaks and many cheese-filled Italian dishes which I’ve reserved for only holidays. Potato chips and french fries, once daily items for me, also are mostly gone from my diet.

Days of eating giant meatball subs like this one are over for me.
Days of eating giant meatball subs like this one are over for me.
Continue reading “How Will Having Angioplasty Change What I Eat?”

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