Purple potato chips — make them fat-free, salt-free

Potato chips are difficult to squeeze into a low-fat, low-salt diet, but I found a way to make my own with no salt and no fat thanks to a handy microwave device, Top Chips chip maker, that I bought last year. I’ve come to make them as a special treat from time to time, usually making one large russet potato into chips.

Purple potatoes can be turned into fat-free, salt-free chips in minutes.
Purple potatoes can be turned into fat-free, salt-free chips in minutes.

I recently ran across purple potatoes at our local farmers’ market and wondered what those would taste like turned into chips. I was a little surprised to learn the inside of the potatoes was not actually purple. A few purple flecks were noticeable but other than that they looked like regular potatoes. so these must have been a hybrid of some sort since information I’ve found about true purple potatoes shows them with a purple color inside. Continue reading “Purple potato chips — make them fat-free, salt-free”

Salt-free, fat-free potato chips: why not make your own

I’ve written about salt-free potato chips I’ve bought as a substitute for the regular potato chips I once loved. But while they were salt-free, they still are fat laden, so I’ve stayed away from potato chips, by and large.

Recently, however, I found a microwave device that promised me potato chips in the micro in minutes, no oil needed. The idea was too good for me to pass up, so I bought TopChips by Mastrad for $20.95 at a kitchen store.

TopChips make salt-free, fat-free chips to satisfy your potato chip cravings.
TopChips make salt-free, fat-free chips to satisfy your potato chip cravings.

My wife and I recently bought two potatoes to try it out and I’m happy to report the chips turned out well, although it did take some trial and error. Continue reading “Salt-free, fat-free potato chips: why not make your own”

Salt-free potato chips for Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is a time for lots of junk food while you’re watching the game, so it can be painful when you’re on a salt, fat and/or sugar-restricted diet. I wrote last year about some alternatives I’d found that included salt-fee chips.

This year, I’ve tested out a new variety of salt-free potato chips that I found at Whole Foods, Michael Season’s. I tried two varieties, Herb Garden Ranch and Asian Bar-b-que. The barbecue variety tasted less sugary than other similar chips, a good thing if you’re watching your sugar.

Michael Season's unsalted chips were very tasty.
Michael Season’s unsalted chips were very tasty.
Season's barbecue chips were my favorite.
Season’s barbecue chips were my favorite.

The nutrition breakdown, 17 chips has 140 calories and 7 grams of fat but only 10 mgs of salt. The fat content is still a little high so I have to limit my intake of these, but they were extremely tasty for being unsalted. I’d recommend them for game day, if you can find them. The company website suggests trying Kroger stores as well as Whole Foods and Amazon sells them too. Continue reading “Salt-free potato chips for Super Bowl Sunday”

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