Here’s how to fillet a trout

Trout is wonderful dinner choice, not too fishy, but with more taste and flavor that bland cod or other whitefish Americans seem to favor. I’ve written about making steelhead trout, but rainbow trout is more common, especially in the Midwest, and can be a great main course too.

But many home cooks are intimidated by the idea of buying a whole trout and taking the bones out of it before cooking, filleting it.

So for all of you in fear, take heart. Here’s my handy guide to filleting a trout, a skill I picked up from my parents and Julia Child.

I buy whole trout at Costco because then tend to be cheaper per pound than elsewhere plus Costco has larger trout. They come whole though. So start by cutting off the heads and tails. Be sure you’re using a very, very sharp knife for all these steps to make them easier. Cutting through a trout’s skin with a dull knife can be a no-win proposition. Continue reading “Here’s how to fillet a trout”

What Are Some Healthy Fish Recipes?

I’ve spoken with three different nutritionists since my angioplasty Aug. 13, 2012, about how to eat a healthier diet that will be low in salt, fat and sugar. Each had different opinions.

But one thing they all agree upon is that I can eat cold water fish such as salmon and lake trout. Cold water fish apparently have more omega 3 acids which are in vogue now as healthy.

I have no doubt that one day they will be out of favor, but hopefully I’ll be gone by then because I happen to like fish and so I’ve increased my weekly fish consumption from once or twice to two or three times to replace some of the red meat I no longer eat.

Trout, with mushrooms as a garnish.
Trout, with mushrooms as a garnish.

The problem has been finding ways to add flavors to the fish. In the past, I used marinades from Lowry’s and other companies that had high salt levels and, sometimes, high sugar content as well. One nutritionist suggested I now use Ms Dash salt-free marinades, but after visiting five different food stores in the northern suburbs of Chicago, I cannot find them anywhere. I eventually bought them online, six bottles at a time and have enjoyed them Continue reading “What Are Some Healthy Fish Recipes?”

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