A classic use for Thanksgiving left-overs — low-sodium turkey soup

I always hate throwing away my turkey skeleton after Thanksgiving because I would think about using it for soup. This year, I took the extra effort and made the soup, low-sodium of course.

I started with a recipe I found online, but then generally winged it, adding what I needed to give it flavor in the absence of salt.

I had two boxes of low-sodium chicken broth (see photos here) in my fridge, having opened them to use for basting my turkey on Thanksgiving. What was left went into a soup pot after I had sauteed some celery and onion bits. I was lucky enough to get those already cut at a local supermarket that was selling big boxes of celery and onions for only a dollar after Thanksgiving. They were packaged for making stuffing.

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Low-salt turkey leftover idea — make some soup

With Thanksgiving over, I was looking for ideas on how to use all the turkey we had left. I decided to make some soup using low-sodium ingredients and whatever I could find in my refrigerator.

The result was tasty and low-salt, not as easy trick for soup.

My turkey soup creation

I started with two boxes of leftover low-sodium broth, one chicken and one beef, that we had in our refrigerator. I had used the chicken broth to inject into my Thanksgiving turkey to moisten it up from the inside.

Next, I looked in our veggie drawer to see what we had — I found a leek, an onion, some small tomatoes, baby carrots and mushrooms. All were cut up and went into my soup. For seasoning, I used a salt-free Italian spice mixture and pepper. And I took pieces of turkey from our leftover, including a turkey wing with its skin to add some fat content and flavor. I discarded the wing before eating the soup but left other bits of turkey meat in it.

I reduced the veggies a bit in olive oil in my big soup pot before adding the broth and letting it simmer for a few hours to blend and build the flavors.

I loved the result, the mushrooms gave some heft to it all and gave me something to chew so I wasn;t just slupring liquid. The cherry tomatoes were fun to bite into as well, tasting their juices as I squeezed them.

I splurged with a small dinner roll which I dunked in the soup. You could really taste the salt in the roll using it that way.

My apology for not having a more formal recipe, don’t be afraid to experiment yourself, adding whatever you have on hand. Anything you create will be lower in sodium than almost every canned soup out there!

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