Watermelon salsa? I’m going to give it a try

Salsa, at least most store-bought salsa, is loaded with salt. I have found several low-salt varieties I’be blogged about here. But I find most turn up the heat, pepper-wise, to compensate for less salt and I’m not a big hot pepper fan.

Watermelon salsa, check the Food Network link in my post for the recipe.
Watermelon salsa, check the Food Network link in my post for the recipe.

So I was intrigued when I saw this Food Network recipe for watermelon salsa. I love watermelon and eat it often in the summer, and the winter when I can find good ones. So I’m planning to try this recipe, substituting real garlic for the garlic salt to cut the salt content. Continue reading “Watermelon salsa? I’m going to give it a try”

A belated Pi Day treat

Math geeks know that March 14 is pi day, because it starts with the first three digits of the mathematical symbol Pi, which is widely used in geometry and also an infinite number (it’s been calculated out to one million places, last I read).

This year’s pi day was super special, in math circles at least, because it actually could produce the first 10 digits of pi, 3-14-15-9-26-53 at 9:26:53 a.m. (some people did it at night too, but that’s not really fair because night hours also can be expressed in military time, so that would really have been 21:26:53, but I digress.

Many places have pi day festivals in which employees bring in pies to share. we did that at my last job, in fact, where I worked with a lot of researchers who get excited about pi day.

Or just serve it for summer cookouts, watermelon slices covered with other fruits.
Or just serve it for summer cookouts, watermelon slices covered with other fruits.

I can’t eat pie since my angioplasty, so I was very excited to come across this fruit pie recipe that a Realtor friend from the Washington, D.C. area posted on Facebook. It is literally a fruit pie, watermelon is the base, covered with a variety of other fruits.

It looks like something fun to serve during the summer cookout season. I’d switch in something for the avocado, I dislike those and they give me gas.

I know current thinking is they have so-called good fat, but I’m sure that theory will change as most food theories do, so I’m avoiding it for the fat as well. Oranges might be nice, or other berries, pick what you like. It looks like a fun, healthy dessert and a great conversation piece too.

Make that watermelon slice fairly substantial to hold up under the weight of everything else and maybe even serve the slices in individual small plates with forks to avoid anyone trying to pick it up to eat and making a mess in the process. By the way, that’s white chocolate shave don it, I’d go for regular even though it doesn’t look like cheese which was the intent here.

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