A crack is appearing in eggs’ healthy image

Food science is inexact at best. I’m constantly reminded that as different nutritionists or diet proponents say they know what’s healthy and it may not be what the other person is pushing. The humble egg is a great example of that. Once it was considered bad, then good, but now bad again, according to a new study.

Time to switch to egg white omelets, according to a new study saying eggs aren’t all they were once cracked up to be.

For years, doctors and nutritionists told people worried about their cholesterol levels not to eat eggs, or at least not egg yolks which contain relatively high levels of cholesterol. But then eggs started making a healthy comeback, spurred I’m sure by studies paid for by the egg industry.

The last few nutritionists I’ve heard from actually touted eggs for their protein content and their ability to make you feel fuller after eating them. Continue reading “A crack is appearing in eggs’ healthy image”

Ever eat and still feel hungry? This may explain it

Are you full yet? My wife tends to ask me that every time we eat and I usually reply, no, I’m never really full.

Is that really possible or am I just focusing feeling stuffed with being full? As it turns out, apparently you can eat some foods that just leave you feeling hungry. I was intrigued by that idea when I saw this headline 12 Foods That Leave You Hungry  on WebMD, so I clicked through to view the list.

my egg white omelet apparently isn;t filling me up.

Of the foods listed, I eat low-fate yogurt and egg whites regularly on advice from various nutritionists I’ve seen since my first angioplasty back in 2012. And doughnuts, french fries and diet soda are on my regular cheat list as well, so that’s five out of the 12. No wonder I never feel full. Check the list to see how many of your favorites are on it. Two I have cut out since  2012 are white bread and white rice.

Minneapolis’ Co-op Creamery Neighborhood Cafe

A recent visit with my son and daughter-in-law in St. Paul, Mn., gave me a chance to try a host of places there that fit into the farm-to-table movement my son has become so passionate about. The movement is all about local food, local production and organic farming methods.


I love the concept, saving on fuel and other transportation costs while putting people back in touch with their food supply. I worry about the cost for the average and below-average income earner, but presumably as more of this happens, costs will come down.

The Co-op Creamery Neighborhood Cafe is owned by the Seward Co-Op, which also runs the supermarket in Minneapolis my son regularly shops at. And while the lunch menu was full of local foods, I remained a bit worried that most dishes might have too much salt for me, so I opted for an omelet, which has become a go-to dish for me when in new restaurants for lunch.  Continue reading “Minneapolis’ Co-op Creamery Neighborhood Cafe”

McDonald’s healthy eating? Here’s what nutrition pros buy there

McDonald’s menu, changing as it may be, is not exactly friendly to my post-angioplasty low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet. I’ve written about how I will order a salad there but bring my own oil and vinegar in packets I purchase via Amazon to avoid the high-salt Newman’s Own dressings.

McDonald's planned artisan chicken sandwich, with fewer harmful ingredients.
Want a chicken sandwich at McDonald’s? Hold the mayo and don’t eat the bun, one healthy eating expert recommends.

So I was interested in reading a recent article I saw headlined “What Diet Experts Eat at McDonald’s.” The piece speaks with nine people who call themselves nutrition and health eating experts to see what they buy at McDonald’s.

I was amused by one who gets a kid’s meal to get a taste of a hamburger in that tiny serving. I had been buying a double McDonald’s burger once a week to do the same thing before my 2012 surgery but have dropped that since. Now I buy 96% lean ground beef at a local supermarket and make my burgers at home.

Another gets a salad and leaves off the cheese and tortilla strips and uses less of the high-salt dressing to cut sodium. I too take off the tortilla strips but leave the little bit of cheese, opting to cut salt by using oil and vinegar instead of the prepared dressings. Continue reading “McDonald’s healthy eating? Here’s what nutrition pros buy there”

Egg white omelette — here’s how to make a quick breakfast, or lunch

Egg-white omelettes have become a go-to dish for me to get for lunch or breakfast when eating out with family or friends in places with few low-salt, low-fat alternatives. Add some veggies and hold the cheese and you can get a low-salt, low-fat meal.

I added tomatoes, onion and basil.
I added tomatoes, onion and basil.

Egg-white omelettes also can be a quick meal at home with very little fuss. All you need is a frying pan and any veggie odds and ends you have in your refrigerator. I recently made one by first separating the whites from whole eggs instead of going with pre-bought egg whites in a carton. Egg prices have been up because of recent bird flu outbreaks, so shop around. Or wait a while until the supply picks up again.

Flip i closed and then flip the entire thing in the pan to finish cooking your omelette.
Flip i closed and then flip the entire thing in the pan to finish cooking your omelette.

Continue reading “Egg white omelette — here’s how to make a quick breakfast, or lunch”

Clarke’s in Evanston offers a great egg white, veggie omelet

Clarke’s is a long-time Evanston stand-by right next to the Northwestern main campus. I went there for many years and enjoyed burgers and other diner food, but since my angioplasty I’ve taken a new look at its menu searching for something that’s relatively low-fat, low-salt and low-sugar.

Clarke's Big and Tasty veggie, egg white omelet. I don't know how many egg whites this took, but it actually fills me up, a good trick these days.,
Clarke’s Big and Tasty veggie, egg white omelet. I don’t know how many egg whites this took, but it actually fills me up, a good trick these days.,

I’ve enjoyed a giant fresh fruit bowl there as well as the only whole wheat waffle I know of being served on the North Shore these days. True the waffle likely has more salt than I’m supposed to eat, but I miss waffles tremendously, so I splurge on it now and again.

More recently, thought, I’ve tried an egg white, veggie omelet called the big and healthy and fallen hard for it. It contains carrots and broccoli, no cheese which would muck it up, salt and fat-wise. Also no cauliflower, which I dislike but which seems to pop up in omelets at restaurants for some unknown reason. The thing also is massive, served with a side of fresh fruit, it actually fills me up, something most dishes don’t do these days. Continue reading “Clarke’s in Evanston offers a great egg white, veggie omelet”

How to make a low-fat, low-salt turkey meatloaf

I’ve alluded in several posts here to the turkey meatloaf which has become a staple of my low-fat, low-salt diet these days. I find it simple to make and tasty too. Plus, if you make a big one, you can have it ready for additional meals when you need something that is quick to make for dinner during the week.

All the ingredients you'll need for your turkey meatloaf.
All the ingredients you’ll need for your turkey meatloaf.

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to creating it. Continue reading “How to make a low-fat, low-salt turkey meatloaf”

Egg whites: all brands are not the same, read the labels

One of the three nutritionists I saw after my angioplasty in 2012 recommended I eat only egg whites rather than whole eggs to avoid cholesterol in eggs. Other nutritionists disagree about this. Indeed, eggs seem to be making a comeback and I’m sure the Egg Board, which promotes their consumption, is happy that it’s PR work over the years is bearing fruit.

But I prefer to avoid eggs these days and stick to egg whites only. I’ve been buying whatever brand of packaged egg whites is on sale. But then I realized that all egg white are not the same. A store brand I bought, shown here, has lots of additional ingredients, as you can see on my photos here. Another brand I found lists only egg whites as the ingredient in the carton. So that’s the one I’m sticking with these days.It doesn’t scramble yellow like the other does, but now I know that comes from added coloring which I’d rather not have.

Check the ingredients before buying packaged egg whites. All brands are not the same.
Check the ingredients before buying packaged egg whites. All brands are not the same.

Egg whites are its only ingredient.
Egg whites are its only ingredient.
This store brand has a lot in it besides egg whites.
This store brand has a lot in it besides egg whites.


Chicken Parmesan: a low-fat, low-salt alternative recipe

Chicken Parmesan is a classic Italian-American dish, served in many an old-school Italian restaurants and once a favorite of mine. But the traditional way of preparing it, breading a chicken breast and smothering it with cheese, is out for me since my angioplasty and my new low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diet.

So I’ve come up with my own modified version, which I alluded to in a recent post about Trader Joe’s no-salt added marinara sauce. Here’s a step-by-step guide to make this dish. Continue reading “Chicken Parmesan: a low-fat, low-salt alternative recipe”

Recipe: Low-salt, low-fat baked mostaccioli

I wrote recently about my low-salt, low-fat baked mossaccioli. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making it.

Start with wheat pasta and low-fat ricotta cheese, about 13 ounces of each (these once came in 16-ounce packages but food makers have cut package sizes rather than raise prices in recent tough economic times).psta building1low fat ricotta

Combine the ricotta with egg white or egg white substitutes equal to one egg to thin it a bit, making it easier to spread. Continue reading “Recipe: Low-salt, low-fat baked mostaccioli”

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