Nutrient-Dense Foods: prepare for this new food jargon

Food fads come and go in America as we all search for magic foods that will allow us to eat what we want while keeping us thin and healthy. Remember high-carb diets, low-carb diets, the protein craze (this one is still going on), and most recently functional foods — foods that supposedly serve a specific function like keeping us sharp for a busy day at school or the office?

The next fad seems to be what are being called nutrient dense foods. What that means exactly is, “naturally or inherently nutritious foods and beverages — ‘traditional foods rooted in folklore as beneficial and delicious,’ ” Melissa Abbott, senior director of culinary insights for The Hartman Group consumer research firm, says in article on MediaPost.

For me, pasta is a functional food, it makes me feel good. Thee days, I'm eating only multigrain pasta,
For me, pasta is a functional food, it makes me feel good. Thee days, I’m eating only multigrain pasta,
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Costco Shopping — can you find no salt, no fat items at a warehouse?

Some people think the only places you can find no-fat, no-salt, no-sugar foods is at a Whole Foods, Trader Joes or other similar upscale store. I beg to differ. I regularly shop at Costco and, while it takes some work, you can find plenty of acceptable things to eat there, even on a restricted diet.

The photo here shows a recent cart full of items I bought at a local Costco. Salmon had been cheaper at Costco than at other retailers. Lately though, I’ve noticed Costco has raised its salmon price to $8.99 a pound, comparable to other retailers.

You can find items for your restricted diet even at a warehouse club like Costco.
You can find items for your restricted diet even at a warehouse club like Costco.

Costco produce is normally less expensive than more mainstream stores, if the produce isn’t on special at those stores. I regularly buy my bananas there. I also regularly buy the portobello mushroom caps you see in the photo. And I look for seasonal favorites such as the California figs you can see in my cart. Continue reading “Costco Shopping — can you find no salt, no fat items at a warehouse?”

Eat nuts and you’ll be fine — baloney!!!

Nuts are often touted as the answer when someone on a restricted diet is seeking a new source of protein to replace the red meats we once ate. I’m sick of hearing about nuts, principally because I have never liked them, hate the taste, get chills from eating some of them and generally don’t like to think that the only way I can survive these days is by eating nuts and twigs all the time.

I also disagree with those who say the answer for our obesity epidemic is for everyone to stop eating meat and just eat things like ancient grains and sprouts.

No nuts for me, ever.
No nuts for me, ever.

So I was happy to see an article in The Atlantic recently saying basically the same thing. The author makes the point that not everyone can afford to shop only at Whole Foods (who can really) and that eating like some of the anti-packaged foods forces advocate is impossible for a large swatch of the country. Continue reading “Eat nuts and you’ll be fine — baloney!!!”

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