Mayo Clinic offers ‘heart healthy’ recipes

The Mayo Clinic has a so-called heart healthy recipe page that can give you some new cooking ideas.

Clean eating crock pot chicken
Clean eating crock pot chicken is a favorite heart healthy recipe of mine.

I say so-called, because I question some of the ingredients in some of these recipes, wondering about things like baking powder which has salt in it, for example. I was surprised to see any baked goods on the heart healthy list since baked cooks always seem to be a problem for my blood pressure and my weight. Continue reading “Mayo Clinic offers ‘heart healthy’ recipes”

Baby carrots more ways than you can imagine

Baby carrots are a simple yet tasty side dish. I steam them for dinner or eat them raw as a nibble food when we have guests over. I’ve also posted a recipe to turn them into a salad.

So I was excited to see this Food Network post about 14 ways to use baby carrots. Some of these are just plain wacky. Carrot freezer pops? Well maybe.

Carrot freezer pops? Not sure how tasty these would be.
Carrot freezer pops? Not sure how tasty these would be.

Carrot juice is not my cup of tea (pun intended). And the glazed carrots involve butter which I don’t eat any longer. I may try them with just the honey or maybe with some olive oil first and then the honey to get a healthy fat on them. Continue reading “Baby carrots more ways than you can imagine”

Recipe Rehab — a show worth watching

Recipe Rehab apparently is in its third season but I only just discovered this show that’s on CBS. It started as a YouTube series in 2012. The show takes an unhealthy recipe that a family says it loves and turns it over to two chefs who come up with healthier versions.

Chef Richard's re-imagined chicken and waffles. Not exactly gut-busting.
Chef Richard’s re-imagined chicken and waffles. Not exactly gut-busting.

A nutritionist rates the redone recipes for fat, carbs and, I’m very happy to say, salt content. In two shows I watched, Chef Vikki failed to get top scores from the unseen nutritionist because of high salt content in her redone dishes. Shame on her for still including so much salt.

One of the shows I saw took chicken and waffles, which I used to love but haven’t had since my angioplasty in 2012, and redid it. The new alternatives really weren’t chicken and waffles, but they were game tries to come up with something to satisfy the family involved.

The last episode I saw took something called Tater Tot Casserole and re-imagined it. I was stunned anyone would eat the original recipe, given it included two different creamed soups and evaporated milk along with tater tots, four cups of cheese and dark meat turkey, the fattest turkey of all. It looked like a white gooey mess.

Chef Vikki again disappointed by including some tater tots in her redone recipe. Please, those alone likely put her over the salt threshold.

This show basically does what I’ve done on my recipe page, take favorites and find ways to get the salt, fat and sugar out. So I recommend it. Check its website for more tips too. Recipes from the show are up there, but I don’t see a way to binge watch the show there. Will try to do that elsewhere.

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