Swordfish and zucchini on the grill, a great summer cookout option

Grilled fish are a great summer alternative to over-eating fatty beef. I often grill salmon, but last night decided to try grilling some swordfish we just bought instead.

Grilling our swordfish steaks.
Grilling our swordfish steaks.

I marinated one piece in Mrs. Dash’s salt-free teriyaki sauce while the other got a dry spice rub (my wife’s choice). I did the fish on a charcoal grill to impart the smokey flavor of the coals.

Zucchini on the gas grill, basted with olive oil and Italian spices.
Zucchini on the gas grill, basted with olive oil and Italian spices.

Grilled zucchini was the side dish for our meal. I cut the zucchini into small circles and covered them with olive oil and Italian spices. I sprayed the grilling pans with olive oil as well to prevent sticking. Those went on my gas grill where I find it easier to regulate the heat levels to get a nice even cook. Continue reading “Swordfish and zucchini on the grill, a great summer cookout option”


Super Bowl Low-salt, low-fat party menu — try swordfish steaks as a main course

Super Bowl usually means ribs and burgers and beef, but if you’re on a low-fat diet, try seafood instead. A swordfish steak comes pretty close to the mouth-feel of a good beef steak.

Swordfish can be a great Super Bowl Party dish that's low-fat and low-salt.
Swordfish can be a great Super Bowl Party dish that’s low-fat and low-salt.


I’ve written about making swordfish with a salt-free spice rub. You also can use any of the salt-free marinades from Mrs. Dash or others out there. I think teriyaki goes with everything which is why I love the salt-free version Mrs. Dash has.

I buy my swordfish frozen at a local Trader Joe’s. If you’re lucky enough to be near a fresh fish store that sells it, all the better. Enjoy!

Swordfish: a great, meaty fish option

I’ve been eating a lot more fish since my angioplasty in 2012. Salmon is my favorite and, so far, still considered healthy, although some disparage farm-raised salmon, which most salmon sold in the U.S. is.

Another meaty, fleshy fish that can remind me of my steak-eating days is swordfish. Trader Joe’s sells it frozen for $8.99 a pound, so about $4.50 a portion if you eat half a pound at a sitting as I do.

Trader Joe's sells swordfish in its frozen fish section for $8.99 a pound.
Trader Joe’s sells swordfish in its frozen fish section for $8.99 a pound.

Cook it through, unlike salmon which can be enjoyed relatively rare, swordfish needs to cook. Continue reading “Swordfish: a great, meaty fish option”

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