Avoid these late-day habits to avoid weight gains

Binging on ribs? Don’t, not if you want to drop some pounds.

While this blog isn’t mainly concerned with dieting and weight loss, we do write about it from time to time because, more often than not, heart patients like me need to drop some pounds.

So we’d suggest checking out this piece at Eatingwell.com, 5 Things You Should Not Do After 5 P.M. If You’re Trying to Lose Weight, According to a Dietitian.

They’re pretty common-sense, if you think about them. Like not opening a refrigerator without a plan. Or binge-eating late in the day.

But, if you need reminders, print the list out and put it on your fridge! Staying up too late is the toughest pone for me. I’ve always enjoyed being awake when everyone else is asleep. I feel the world can’t hurt me then.

Anyone else?

A Pandemic binge-eating tip — try pre-portioning your snacks

The longer we’re home, the more we seem to eat in these Covid days. Indeed, the Covid 19 has come to refer to the weight people are gaining from being at home. So here’s a tip to try to limit the snacking damage you’re doing to yourself.

How many chips can you eat? Likely the whole bag if you keep it handy.

This site is a little too happy-talk for my taste, but it makes a valid point about pre-portioning your snacks (it talks a lot about healthy snacks, not the potato chips, ice cream, etc people are actually eating). Still, you might find some of the points it makes helpful.

If you search online, you can find some helpful gadgets to help you see what portion sizes are.

I wrote about one such system back in 2013. The point is, don’t eat out of an open bag of chips or container of ice cream. Take a snack-size portion and eat that.

I know it’s easier said than done but give it a try.

More evidence on the difficulty of keeping lost weight off

Losing weight is a challenge many American struggle with. Keeping weight off after losing large amounts is an even more difficult challenge. Our bodies are fighting against maintaining weight loss, it turns out, according to a new study written about recently in the New York Times.

A recent New York Times story looking at Biggest Loser contestants from season 8 had a lot fo bad news for anyone trying to lose weight and keep those pounds off.
A recent New York Times story looking at Biggest Loser contestants from season 8 had a lot of bad news for anyone trying to lose weight and keep those pounds off.

Someone decided to look at Biggest Loser Contestants after they left the show. I used to love that show, but year after year of reading how contestants regained their weight, and more sometimes, finally caused me to stop watching it.  Continue reading “More evidence on the difficulty of keeping lost weight off”

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