Yogurt toast revisited — tried it, loved it

Yogurt toast was the subject of a recent blog post of mine after I saw it written about in Bon Appetit. It looked and sounded tasty so I vowed to try it.

Yogurt toast with Yoplait Greek 100 Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt.
Yogurt toast with Yoplait Greek 100 Boston Cream Pie flavored yogurt.

I have tried it and I loved it. Rather than regular bread, I used Thomas’ multigrain English muffins which are lower in salt and carbs than plain bread. I tried it with two different fat-free Greek yogurts I buy. One comes from Yoplait and is flavored to resemble Boston Cream pie, a long-time favorite I can’t eat on my low-fat diet. Slathering it on a toasted English muffin gave the whole dish a cakey taste, it was almost like having cake again!

Yogurt toast with Dannon Greek light raspberry chocolate yogurt.
Yogurt toast with Dannon Greek light raspberry chocolate yogurt.

I also tried a raspberry chocolate Greek Yogurt from Dannon, a fat-free, low-sugar variety in this case. It also was very tasty. The Greek yogurts, because they’re heavier than regular yogurt, add some heft to the muffin. And one yogurt container could easily cover two muffins if necessary.

I’ll be eating this morning treat again.

Doc’s Gourmet Ketchup — not a low-salt favorite of mine

Ketchup is a must-have condiment for me, but traditional brands are loaded with salt and sugar, so I’m constantly on the lookout for low-salt alternatives. I’ve already done a taste test of two brands, Westbrae and LocalFolks.

Recently I tried another brand, Doc’s Gourmet Ketchup. Doc’s has 65 mgs of sodium and 3 grams of sugar in a tablespoon compared with LocalFolks which has 25 mgs of sodium and 2 grams of sugar, so ingredient-wise it’s already at a disadvantage. I recently did a side-by-side test of the two on turkey meatloaf I made.

Doc's ketchup, on the right, is brown, not red like LocalFolks, on the left. Doc's also doesn't taste like ketchuo.
Doc’s ketchup, on the right, is brown, not red like LocalFolks, on the left. Doc’s also doesn’t taste like ketchuo.

The Doc’s was severely disappointing, tasting more like a peppery barbecue sauce than a tomato ketchup. It’s brown color belies its barbecue sauce taste as does the liquid smoke listed as an ingredient. I don’t want to throw the remainder of it away, so I’m saving it to use on some chicken that I grill this summer to see if it tastes better as a barbecue sauce than as a ketchup.

All the low-salt, low-sugar ketchups I’ve found are considerably more expensive than regular brands, so if you buy one, the taste should work for you, it’s too expensive to buy something you’ll ultimately not use. Sorry Doc.

America’s big food companies are hearing us, a little bit

My hunt for low-salt,low-fat, low-sugar foods has been a tough one in the two and a half years since my angioplasty, but little by little I am finding items and blogging about them here to help you kick the evil triangle of salt, fat and sugar as I am trying to do. Just check my ingredient and recipe pages for help.

Turkey meatball ingredients include lean ground turkey, panko breadcrumbs, low-fat cheese and Italian seasoning.
Lower-fat, lower-salt packaged products are out there, you just need to hunt for them.

A recent article in the Washington Post gave me some hope that America’s major food processing companies may slowly be getting the message that consumer tastes are changing. The piece noted that several major companies, such as Kraft and Kellogg, have seen earnings fall in recent quarters. Continue reading “America’s big food companies are hearing us, a little bit”

Salt-free taco seasoning from Mrs Dash, a start to your low-salt, low-fat tacos

Tacos were not on my food radar when I was an Italian-American kid growing up in Brooklyn. But I did start eating them after moving to the Midwest and became a fan before my angioplasty took Mexican dishes largely off my post-surgery eating menu.

I missed tacos, they remind me of fun meals I used to make with my kids, and so I was very excited to see that Mrs. Dash makes a salt-free taco seasoning mix.

Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning
Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning
Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning Nutrition information
Mrs. Dash Salt-free Taco Seasoning Nutrition information

You can see the nutrition information here, no salt, some sugar according to the ingredients list but not enough to put on the nutrition panel, and potassium chloride used instead of salt, or sodium chloride. If you have any potassium issues, you might want more information about how much is in this. But if not, this can be a first ingredient for some relatively low-salt, low-fat tacos. Continue reading “Salt-free taco seasoning from Mrs Dash, a start to your low-salt, low-fat tacos”

Rosemary chicken, a nice change of pace

My 12 days of Christmas low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar recipes have been heavy on Italian accented dishes so far, you can see my heritage at work in those. So here’s a change of pace today, a simple rosemary chicken dish that can be served with a side of green beans or even a peppers and onion mixture to add some additional flavors.

Chicken rosemary skewers were wonderfully flavorful and easy to make.
Chicken rosemary skewers are wonderfully flavorful and easy to make.

The original recipe comes from the Food Network, but I’ve left out the salt to reduce the sodium content. I made this as a summer outdoor recipe this past year, but you can just as easily make it in the oven inside, or grill the skewers on your stove should you have a grill top there.

Enjoy as we start the second week of the holiday season and our holiday low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar recipes.

A low-salt, low-sugar, low-fat recipe for the 1st day of Christmas

Only three days until Christmas and you’re likely beside yourself with things to do, people to see, tasks to take care of before the big day. Plus, you’re likely cooking for guests, kids home from school, neighbors you went shopping with, the list goes on.

Your turkey meatloaf ready to cook
Your turkey meatloaf ready to cook

So what to make while staying on your low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar diet? Continue reading “A low-salt, low-sugar, low-fat recipe for the 1st day of Christmas”

Fresh figs are a favorite food of mine

Fresh black figs in the fall were one of my favorite treats as a child. My grandfather had a fig tree in his yard behind his Brookyln brownstone and, even after he died, the family maintained that tree so it produced wonderful figs every fall.

Black figs are a wonderful sweet treat that are low in fat and sodium...and taste great.
Black figs are a wonderful sweet treat that are low in fat, sodium and taste great.

An aunt took an offshoot of it and planted that in her yard, creating a second tree that also produced wonderful figs for many, many year until she sold that house and the tree along with it. Her grandson had an Italian restaurant in Brooklyn for years and he would use figs from her yard for special fall treats there. Continue reading “Fresh figs are a favorite food of mine”

Memorial Day salt free, fat free recipes

Memorial Day was once a time for burgers and brats, along with maybe some ribs and steaks on the grill, for me but not anymore, not since my angioplasty in 2012.

So now I’ve created some salt-free and low-fat options instead. Our cookout this weekend included salmon made on a cedar plank with a slat-free Mrs. Dash teriyaki glaze. As side dishes, I made asparagus with a balsamic vinegar glaze and a fruit salad with watermelon, cantaloupe and strawberries

My Memorial Day weekend menu, salmon, asparagus, corn and fruit salad.
My Memorial Day weekend menu, salmon, asparagus, corn and fruit salad.

For appetizers, I put out some low-salt, low-fat cheese I bought recently along with low-salt, low-fat crackers I buy at Costco. Continue reading “Memorial Day salt free, fat free recipes”

How Much Salt is in a McDonald’s Premium McWrap?

McDonald’s has been getting a lot of advertising mileage out of its new Premium McWraps, touting them as healthy offerings. But how healthy are they if you’re on a restricted diet, specifically if you’re on a no-salt diet as I am?McWrap_F-600x450

Unfortunately, not very, according to nutrition information on the McDonald’s website. A premium chicken McWrap with grilled chicken and ranch sauce has 1,130 mgs of sodium. I’m not supposed to have more than about 1,200 mgs a day, so one of these new McWraps would be a day’s salt for me. That’s unacceptable, and should be for you too if you’re watching your salt. Order it without the cheese, and you’re still at 1,030 mgs, still way too high. Leave off the ranch sauce and you’re down to 930 mgs, still more than half a day’s sodium.

Please McDonald’s, I want to be able to eat at your places again, you’re everywhere, no place is more convenient for a quick lunch. But all I can order these days is a side salad without any dressing. I carry my own oil and vinegar to avoid your high-sodium dressings. Please get the salt out.


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