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Here’s a salt-free lemon-herb marinade to try

I’m always looking for new ways to make white meat chicken tastier. I most often use Mrs Dash salt-Free marinades, but am willing to make my own marinades as well when I find easy recipes for them. I came across … Continue reading

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My low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar pantry

All this shows you can get the sat, fat and sugar out of the products you use to add flavor to your home-cooked recipes. Continue reading

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Lemon chicken — here’s a low-salt marinade you can use

Open the bottle to smell and you’ll pick up the olive oil and the spices in it. Continue reading

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Top 5 no salt, no fat, no sugar ingredients of 2014

The sad news here is that Costco no longer carries this brand of panko breadcrumb. It replaced it with a McCormick’s variety that is extremely high in salt because it is “seasoned” which means loaded with salt. Continue reading

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Salt-free teriyaki sauce — a taste test of three varieties

Sodium-free teriyaki sauce does exist, as I’ve written here, but the first brands I tried relied too heavily on pepper as a salt flavor replacer for my tastes. Continue reading

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Salt-free marinades – in the Chicago area, try Sunset Foods

Mrs. Dash recommended I try Sunset Foods, a wonderful local chain of upscale grocery stores that I’ve worked near and shopped at in the past. Continue reading

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Salt free marinades — are they available in my area?

I wrote recently about two salt-free marinade lines I found online, Mrs Dash and Mr. Spice. I wrote each company to see if they were available in any food stores in the Chicago area since I have not seen them in mainstream supermarkets or at places like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. Continue reading

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Salt free marinades — they do exist, search online

I’ve been searching for salt-free marinades to use in my cooking. I’ve found two brands and like different varieties in each. Continue reading

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