The No salt, no fat, no sugar Journal reaches 30,000 views!!! Thank you

This website, the No salt, no fat, no sugar Journal, began in December 2012 with the goal of helping people on restricted diets find foods they could still enjoy, and even love the way they once loved the foods that they could no longer eat.

The site had only 57 views that first month. Building a following for a new site is a difficult endeavor, especially when there’s no money for marketing or online advertising to get the word out. But we kept plugging away through 2013 and into last year, when something amazing happened.

The word about this site started getting out in 2014 and views climbed steadily throughout the early part of the year. By December, we had topped 30,000 views since our inception, a major milestone. Our 12 days of Christmas low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar meals were a major viewer hit, sending our weekly traffic above 1,000 twice to record weekly views.

Thank you to all our viewers, I can promise you the best is yet to come. Watch for an expanded recipe page this year. No salt, no sugar recipes have become the major draw to the site, so we will be experimenting with new recipes this year and invite our readers to send us theirs.

Other changes will come along as well, all to make the site easier to navigate and more helpful for everyone trying to watch their salt, fat and sugar intake.

Ginger Steamed Mahi-Mahi

Sounds tasty, Mahi is one of my favorite fish these days. I’ll try this in a regular oven to see how it turns out. Might be fun on the grill in the summer as well.

A Geek's Musings

Experimented and had this for lunch today and turned out to be quite yummy.

Ginger Steamed Mahi-Mahi with roasted potatoes and veggies.

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Zevia: a Stevia-sweetened soda that left me longing for a Diet Coke

Traditional soda is getting all sorts of bad press these days so die-hard soda drinkers like myself are constantly searching for alternatives. I recently tried one I bought at Whole Foods, Zevia, which is sweetened with Stevia, a sweetener positioning itself as natural.

Zevia had an odd flavor to it,
Zevia had an odd flavor to it,

I bought some Zevia cream soda, hoping it might invoke the carmel-flavored cream sodas of my youth but no such luck., Instead it has what seemed an odd taste to me, especially when it wasn’t super-cold after having sat in a glass for a while. Continue reading “Zevia: a Stevia-sweetened soda that left me longing for a Diet Coke”

A Great no-salt, low-fat way to ring in the New Year

New Year’s Eve was always a special time in my family, a night for major partying at my grandmother’s house. I loved those days so much I wrote a play about it all. With my current low-fat, low-salt, low-sugar diet, however, finding a place for a New Year’s Eve Gala serving food I can eat seemed a challenge to me. Luckily, the Hilton Orrington hotel in my town of Evanston came to the rescue this year.

The Orrington is an Evanston landmark that has gone through its ups and downs in the almost 40 years that I’ve lived here. Thankfully, its in a major up period now and the special New Year’s Eve celebration it hosted for 2015 showed that in spades.

New Year's Eve at the Orrington was a big hit for us.
New Year’s Eve at the Orrington was a big hit for us.

My wife and I attended what the Orrington was calling it’s New Year’s Eve rooftop gala after I checked the menu and saw that it was friendly to my diet.

The main course was a combination of sea bass and fillet mignon, the only steak I eat now because of its leanness. Sides were vegetables and mashed potatoes. I contacted the event manager and mentioned my diet issues and was told everything could be prepared in a low-salt way and all sauces would be served on the side, which they were. Continue reading “A Great no-salt, low-fat way to ring in the New Year”

Chicken parmigiana for everyone: here’s a low-salt recipe

Our 12 days of Christmas menu guides ends with a new twist on an old favorite for me, chicken parmigiana, but made in a low-salt, low-fat way.

Start with fresh chicken breasts, egg whites, panko breadcrumbs and no-salt-added marinara sauce.
Start with fresh chicken breasts, egg whites, panko breadcrumbs and no-salt-added marinara sauce.

Use panko breadcrumbs to cut salt, low- and no-fat cheese, and egg whites rather than whole eggs to coat the chicken breasts before breading. Bake rather than fry and you’re on your way.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these menus for the holiday season. Comments have been great for them and viewership has been solid, so I hope they’ve helped people get through the holiday food season without going off their low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar diets, too much.

Keep coming back here all year for more great recipes, news about ingredients and other helpful, healthy shopping tips.

New Year’s Day: time for some (lean) beef

New Year’s Day 2015! Wow, who would have imagined I’d be here to see this day after having angioplasty back in 2012. I’m a bit beside myself with the wonder of it all. But that aside, let’s continue with our 12 days of Christmas low-salt, low-fat, low-sugar menu offerings with some beef today.

Yes beef, but the leanest beef you can find. That’s 96% lean ground beef in my case. I get it at the Jewel supermarket chain here in Chicago, see if you can find it in your market as well.

A lean burger, along with peppers and asparagus.
A lean burger, along with peppers and asparagus.

Patties made from this type of beef are extremely lean. Have them on some salt-free bread with some low-salt, low-sugar ketchup and you’re all ready for a day of football and friends!

Happy 2015 everyone, let’s hope the world find some peace this year for all the troubles of recent times.

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