(Nearly) No Fat French Onion Dip

This sounds tasty, I’m wondering if it could be used as an ingredient in a chicken dish as well…

Level Up Your Health

When it comes to nutrition instruction in my work as a chef, my main goal is harm reduction. I hide vegetables in foods, cut my taco beef with black beans, and I’m always looking for ways to make healthier the relatively unhealthy foods people will always eat, and eat a lot of them. One of my personal weaknesses has always been french onion dip, and I know I’m not alone. Last night as part of my super bowl meal I made my own take on the creamy stuff, and served it with crudites instead of chips.

Step 1) I made a quick yogurt cheese by straining non-fat yogurt through a strainer lined with a coffee filter for 5 hours in the fridge. making yogurt cheese(You can make greek yogurt at home like this too, just use less time.)
Step 2) Chop one large yellow onion into 1/2 inch dice
Step 3) Saute…

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