Salt Substitutions

Some salt substitute techniques. I make my tomato sauce without salt and really never miss it, I compensate with garlic.

Without Postage

My other Mom:

It’s funny to me that one of the few food memories that I have of my Italian Grandmother is her spaghetti sauce recipe that she made the family when I was little.  The thing about it that really stood out to me is that it didn’t taste right to me.  Everything to my young mind seemed to be there, tomato sauce, meat, pasta, cheese…but it just tasted mostly bland.  What I didn’t know at the time and was informed of several years later is that Grandma had high blood pressure and was on a salt restricted diet so she cooked the food that she could eat, therefore bland to the rest of us.  Knowing the tricks that I know now I believe that I could’ve salvaged that spaghetti sauce and many other dishes with little cheffy tricks that aren’t salt.

The way that salt is interpreted by…

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