A vacation breakfast challenge — avoid the pastry

Vacation eating is always fraught with tension for anyone concerned about their salt, saturated fat and sugar intake. It becomes even more of a challenge in a country like Italy with all its wonderful gastronomic creations.

I’ve been vacationing in southern Italy and trying to stick to simple seafood dishes for dinner, but breakfast presents its own challenges.

Breakfast pastries are a tempting attraction while on vacation,

Our hotel, as do many here, has a breakfast buffet each morning. The buffet is loaded with wonderful-looking Italian pastries. I’ve largely avoided those, but my other choices have been scrabbled eggs or strawberry yogurt (which is not labeled so likely is high-fat).

When I travel in the States I normally just carry my own Trader Joe’s high-fiber cereal along to take care of two issues at once, breakfast and fiber intake. But packing boxes of cereal for a trip to Europe isn’t practical (I have no idea how customs would treat a food product). I did buy some soluble fiber to bring along, so that issue was easily addressed, but breakfast overall remains a challenge.

I’m also not having my daily banana while here, which likely is impacting my potassium levels since one of my medications tends to drain potassium from my body. We stopped at a local store to buy some fresh fruit, but I didn’t see bananas there, so I’ll search bit more.


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