Build a routine

Some good advice here. I once had a college professor who said virtue was nothing more than good habit elevated to the level of instinct. Knowing what you can and can’t eat has to reach the level of instinct as well.

Middle aged cage fighter

I hear many people complain about their lack of self-discipline when it comes to their efforts to get healthy. One of the major obstacles to success is that healthy living has not become routine. Routine is what allows us to accomplish the everyday tasks in life without a lot of thought. How often do you have think about the process of brushing your teeth or taking a shower? How often do you find it difficult to stay consistent with brushing your teeth or showering? Hopefully, not often. They are routine and require no “self-discipline”. They are what we DO. We don’t think about them. We don’t pat ourselves on the back for doing them. It is part of our make-up.

What if healthy living was routine? What if that was just “what we do”? Our success rate for accomplishing our goals would skyrocket. I have a half-dozen people I work out with…

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