Gilson’s in Wilmette: A local gem on Chicago’s North Shore

Gilson’s is a neighborhood place in downtown Wilmette that has done well in preparing tasty dishes for me with a minimum of salt, fat or sugar. We enjoy it so much that my wife and I decided to dine there on New Year’s Eve before going to see a musical at a local theater.

We started with some wonderful scallops. The Gilson’s menu describes them as “Pan seared jumbo scallops over sautéed Swiss chard and cranberry onion jam and topped with crumbled bacon.”

My beautiful wife Carolyn displays our scallops appetizer.

My beautiful wife Carolyn displays our scallops appetizer.

I did not eat the bacon, needless to say, but my wife enjoyed it. We asked that the dish not be salted in any way and I did not taste any salt (I’ve become ultra sensitive to it since cutting back). The scallops had a wonderful grilled flavor.

My main course was a delicate fillet mignon. Again, the menu describes, “Beautiful 2 inch thick filet topped with a slice of our homemade horseradish and lemon butter with roasted fingerling potatoes and grilled asparagus.”

My main course, butter on the side, no salt.

My main course, butter on the side, no salt.

I asked for the butter on the side for obvious reasons. It is fatty and salty. I tasted a dab, it was wonderful but not something I can eat.

I also asked that everything be made without salt. This time, I did taste some salt on the asparagus.

A wonderful, snowy, New Year's eve at Gilson's.

A wonderful, snowy, New Year’s eve at Gilson’s.

Other menu items I could have ordered include a grilled mahi mahi and a bison burger, although while bison is lean, the leanness varies depending on which part of the animal is used, so I didn’t want to chance that.

How many restaurants have more than one menu item that can be low salt, low fat and low sugar? Not many, but Gilson’s is one and I thoroughly enjoy.

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