Omega in Milwaukee gets a second chance and does well

I’ve written before about how we were snubbed for a table when we stopped at an old-fashioned Greek diner on the South Side of Milwaukee called the Omega. We left and went across the street to a place called Zebb’s where I had a nice veggie omelet instead.

My Omega omelet
My Omega omelet

But on our most recent trip to Milwaukee, my wife convinced me to try Omega again. This time we were seated promptly and I had the chance to try its veggie omelet. The result was a satisfying breakfast.

The omelet, which I requested by made only from egg whites, was large and flavorful with a variety of veggies and no cheese. 

Omega's man-sized fruit plate
Omega’s man-sized fruit plate

I was able to get fruit as a side instead of hash browns and the fruit was man-sized wedges of watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew. I also was able to order whole wheat toast instead of white bread, and got it without butter, using some jelly instead and having only one slice because of the salt in most breads.

All in all, I enjoyed it and so am putting the Omega back on my restaurant stop list for our Milwaukee trips.



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