Another handy way to carry your own oil & vinegar

Salad dressing served in restaurants are loaded with salt, fat and sugar, exactly what you don;t want to put on a healthy salad. I’ve advised in the past that you carry you own olive oil and vinegar to use when dining out. Small packets of each are available on Amazon, i buy them literally by the hundreds.

My new tiny oil and vinegar bottles for eating out.
My new tiny oil and vinegar bottles for eating out.

My resourceful daughter presented me with another option this Christmas when she gave me tiny dressing bottles from Crate & Barrel (full disclosure, she works for the company, so likely got these at a discount. You can get them on the store’s site for $4.95 each). 

They’re a soft plastic and, as the instruction tag says, easy to fill with wide tops. They also can be washed in a dishwasher and go in a refrigerator. The tag also says they’re leak-proof.

I just got around to filling mine last week, so plan to test them out soon. I think I’ll carry them in a sealed lunch bag just in case, something I also do with my oil and vinegar packets which occasionally will burst open or leak.

Using these bottles will likely be cheaper in the long-run than buying packets because I can fill them from the large oil and vinegar bottles I get at Costco.

Thanks Daughter!


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