Need to quit sugar? Here’s why and how to do it

Most of us are well aware that salt, sugar and fat are the demons in our lives that make us unhealthy. The truth is that we do need a little of certain salts in our bodies. And our brains need glucose (a type of sugar) to function. And, incredibly, there are good fats that are absolutely essential to our bodies.

Telling the difference is easier than you think when it comes to sugar at least. It’s important to understand why the sweet stuff is just so bad for us, though. We all understand that too many sweet things can lead to weight gain, but perhaps the reason for it is a little unclear. The energy, or calories, from sugar, can be burnt off quicker than carbohydrates. It gives us that awesome boost of energy just as we need it, right?

A typical vending machine candy bar.
A typical vending machine candy bar.

Yes, there are such things as ‘sugar-highs’, when you have taken on so much sugar so quickly it makes you feel excitable and energized. But that passes really quick, and you can then feel low and lethargic. The process that removes the sugar from your bloodstream can also be damaged over time. This can lead to several health problems, including diabetes. That’s why even children shouldn’t be exposed to lots of sugar. It can just bring the problem on more quickly.

Sadly, very few of us burn off that sugar in time. The excess calories mean we gain weight. Sugar hangs around even when you can’t feel it. It stays in your mouth for longer than you think too. It can react with other foods to rapidly cause cavities and rotting teeth. Children that consume sugary drinks are often the ones that have fillings and blackened teeth. Repairing the damage can be traumatic for young children.

Cutting it out can be tough. We all like sweetened foods, and some of us feel cravings for it. Fruit is full of sugar too, but in just a couple of portions each day you won’t do much harm. It can be a good way to banish those cravings. However, if you love baking, there are 100% Natural Stevia Sweetener designed to be a substitute with none of the harmful effects or calories of sugar.

We often need to quit sugar to help us lose weight. Or maybe you have developed diabetes? It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy sweet things. Sugar substitutes allow us to enjoy the flavor of coffee and cakes without the extra calories. And some sugar substitutes taste the same as the stuff you need to quit. Best of all, you can take it with you if you buy it tablet form or in small portion size packs.

Most providers of sugar substitutes provide recipes on their websites to help you enjoy the product even more. You can also find out all the nutritional information you need. Enjoy your sweeter side with no sugar.

Editor’s note: This is a guest post with sponsored links. I’ve been doing this blog for three years and have now begun accepting paid guest posts such as this one. I’d love your feedback on it, did it provide you useful information?


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