No Salt, No Fat, No Sugar? No Problem!

It seems that everything we put in our mouths these days is full of salt, fat, and sugar. If you are trying to cut down on the Big Three, this isn’t very helpful for your diet. In fact, it’s a killer because SFS (salt, fat, sugar) are the main ingredients which are unhealthy in large quantities. Of course, the key is to lower the amount of each you eat on a daily basis, yet it is easier to say than do. With salt, fat, and sugar everywhere you turn, it can seem almost impossible. Luckily, it’s a realistic possibility with the following tips.

Step One: Lowering Fat

Too much fat is without a doubt the biggest enemy, so let’s tackle this one first. The odds are you like to fry food because it is a quick and easy way to prepare a meal. Did you know the following facts about frying meat and vegetables?:

–    Fried food has twice as many calories as proteins or carbs

–    Eating fried food four times a week increases the risk of obesity

–    Frying oil takes away the healthy nutrients and turns them into harmful fats

Once you understand these facts, it is essential to lower the number of fats in your diet. One simple trick is to switch olive oil for coconut or rapeseed oil. The two latter oils aren’t as unhealthy when fired, so they aren’t as harmful to your body. Alternatively, you can cut out frying food altogether. Instead, focus on oven-baking or grilling meats and steaming vegetables. That way, the food keeps its original contents intact.

Step Two: Lowering Salt

The average person consumes:

–    Nearly 2000 pounds of salt a year

–    That equates to 38 pounds a week or 5 pounds a day

–    Although it doesn’t add calories to meals, it does lead to higher cholesterol and water retention

Again, lowering the amount of salt for the average person is essential as 2000 pounds is too much. Although most individuals focus on making big changes, it is the small ones that make a difference in the salt stakes. Most of your salt intake will come not from salty foods, but from adding it after the fact. Think of the chicken soup recipes where you sprinkle it on to enhance the flavor or the pasta dishes where you add salt to the water. By stopping this completely, your yearly amount will be much lower. Also, don’t forget to check the packet for information on nutrients to help regulate your intake. 

Step Three: Lowering Sugar

Sugar doesn’t follow the same rules as salt or fat. Unlike both, it is hard to add sugar during or after the cooking process. Yet, the average person doubles the daily limit of 150 and 100 calories per day for men and women. Why? It’s thanks to foods and drinks such as:

–    Coke (11g of sugar)

–    Candies and Chocolate (48g per 100g)

–    Tomato Ketchup (22g per 100g)

To lower the amount of sugar in your diet, you need to cut down on these types of food. Or, another option is to make homemade alternatives which have lower levels of sugar. Tomato ketchup is a perfect example, as is a smoothie or fruit juice.

Now that you know how to cut down on all three, there are no excuses.

This post has been contributed by Ryan Gatt, it may contain affiliate links.


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