One way to keep your salt under control — a new gadget

As my blog has become more popular, I’ve heard from more public relations people pushing all sorts of foods, books, and gadgets. I’ve started doing some book reviews and occasionally write about the gadgets as well.

The Taste Stick is that white tower-like implement.

This one, Taste Stick, came to me in May, so I’m not sure if they’ve reached their fundraising goal as yet, but I hope they do. This seems like a great way to know how much salt you’re adding to anything you eat.

I stopped adding salt to anything I eat after my first angioplasty in 2012 and I really don;t miss it at all these days. But if you do, this might be something for you to try.

It releases 30 mgs of salt at a time, which is only about 2% of the daily limit of 1,500 mgs I strive for. Once you ween yourself off any salt addiction you may have, even that small amount will likely be noticeable, and perhaps enough for your salt cravings.

Should you try this, let me know, I’d love to hear if it works out for you.



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